A'etalia Rhel

an ocean-burning flame at the tip of your pipe

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Ishgardian? Black market dealer?
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at a glance

sassy girl, serious magics.

Name: A'etalia Rhel
Prefers "Talia" for short.
Age: Mid-20s
Race: Seeker Miqo'te
Gender: Cis Woman (She/her/hers)
Romance/Sexuality: Pan (open relationships)
Alignment: True Neutral
Voice & Accent Claim*: Harley Quinn - Margot Robbie, Birds of Prey (2020) and The Suicide Squad (2021) [clip - warning for language, blood]
Canon Jobs: Thaumaturge, Culinarian, Bard
Black Mage, Blood Mage, Hemomancer + more?
Appearance: Wears patch over (missing) left eye. Black hair that seems both singed and dying, as if drained of life, on the edges. One pink-irised eye that deepens into purple in the sunlight. Slender; it's clear her strength/physicality isn't her focus.
Her left eye socket has a focus for Black Magic.
Visible inventory: Her items rotate by day, but often she's seen with a little cloth sling of pastries attached to her hip. Her staff is never far away, usually slung onto her back. Sometimes has a "convertible" lute.Aether: If you have aethersense, her aetherpool is pretty deep. It leans a bit fiery/red and a bit umbral. She always seems to be passively pulling in aether at a higher rate than normal...--
* (Author note: I'm from New Jersey and, look, it's just a good accent.)

little more

more than meets the eye.

Combat Skills/Abilities: High-level aethersense, advanced thaumaturgy and battle magics otherwise, rudimentary conjury (cuts, bruises, etc).
Black Magic expert, oddly without being a Void expert. Blood magic, hemomancy.
Quirks: Quick learner, jack of many trades, sweet, bubbly, helpful, open about her mundane sins and sexuality.Possible turn-offs: Arrogant to a fault. Her high energy may come off as too much. Bit of a talker if you get her going. Catty, loud, and in-your-face.And more yet:A'etalia is a thaumaturge looking to leave a legacy on her own terms. She's fiercely loyal, cheery, and vocal.This Miqo'te loves learning about everything; it's what brought her trekking out of her village. The more she knows, the more she can manage, the more she can protect.By day, "Talia" runs a bakery, where she specializes in high-volume deliveries such as bread for venues, restaurants, and more. She lives with her partner and former tribemate, A'myshtea.In the long run, the Seeker aims to become a master of battle magics. She knows she can't use certain styles except in very strict circumstances, so she doesn't parade this around. However, over the few years since the tomes of the Black were made available, she has carefully learned how to manage it.A series of life-shattering events, traumatic as they are, have solidified this desire. While she lost an eye to a dangerous foe, without hesitation, she used this as motivation to seek out a more permanent solution for a Black Magic focus. Which is to say, she pretty much stuck a whole one in her eye, meaning her whole body can act as a conduit. She's justifiably secretive about it, but those with aethersight or aethersense can easily tell something's up.A'etalia has since thrown herself deeper into battle magics, as well as questionable ways to enhance them. She believes she has the power to startle gods and sear the edges of the seas, and now, she finds herself restless for it - but she may be losing sight of why she became so powerful.A'etalia is also a small business owner and will remind you at any opportunity.

Some Themes:+ Transmission - Zedd ft. Logic, X Ambassadors
+ Say Amen (Saturday Night) - Panic! At The Disco
+ Power Power - DUCKWRTH
+ BossDeath - IsolationP
+ heavy. - Au/Ra
(full playlist on Spotify)


what does destiny have in store?

A FIERY SITUATION || An Ishgardian paper reports of a pastry-carrying cart blown up in the Pillars belonging to A'etalia.For Ishgardian locals: A'etalia has become a popular baker for local nobles and artist/artisan groups. But it's not just the pastries—it may be what's in them that's got the clients excited. And perhaps that's also why someone has her eyes on her...

WANT A SNACK? || A'etalia once worked two jobs: at the Ossuary, to maintain access to its resources, and now these past few years she's shifted to full-time work as a baker! She carries around about six (6) little free pastries a day, usually biscuits. Need catering? Ask! She specializes in large orders, especially for cafes and restaurants!

A FAMILIAR MAGE [For mages/etc.] || While her baking work has drawn her away, if you've been studying for a long while at the Arrzaneth Ossuary, chances are you've seen A'etalia in the past buried in a pile of books. Sometimes even falling asleep! And increasingly, you've been seeing her tap into the recently-permitted shelves of Black Magic tomes. The Guild hasn't been given cause for suspicion about her, yet there's a twinkle in her eye when she finds herself in that rabbit hole... (Ah, and not to mention the rumors of her missing eye.)Talia draws eyes at the Ossuary nowadays. "Hey, wasn't she possessed at one point?"

EXPLOSIVE TACTICS || Love to spar? So does A'etalia. But it sounds like she won't take you up for a match unless she thinks you're tough enough to take her spells. It's not merely out of arrogance if you ask; there's more than a touch of concern for her potential opponents.[OOC: I roleplay fights at a high power level, and Talia will turn prospective fighters down in-character if she deems them unprepared for high-skilled magical combat. Inquire within!]

MUSIC IS LIFE || A'etalia is learning how to tell stories through the art of barding. While she can't move crowds like a proper bard can (not a full-on art-magician like some are), she's an enthusiastic player, and she's always eager to hear praise (and suggestions).

UNDER WRAPS || If she's not wearing gloves, her hands and arms are frequently bandaged. It's not normal for a thaumaturge of her skill level to be hurting her hands, right?
[OOC: Delving into this goes into her blood magic storyline, which has themes with lorebending, implied self-harm and blood.]
There's a rumor that these are cuts inflicted in the use of blood magic...?

A GIRL WHO'S EVERYWHERE || Most weekdays, you can find A'etalia lingering around Pearl Lane in Ul'dah. It's possible to find her nearly anywhere the average Eorzean can manage, though, as she makes occasional visits and deliveries for her catering and academic curiosities, and has an apartment in Shirogane.
She knows of Norvrandt, too, but it takes a hefty toll for her to visit...
[OOC: I only tap into this if you do, too.]

If you're still here and trying to think of a hook, just get creative and go for it, or ping me! Talia loves talking to people.

Studium Cafe

come by and study!DIABOLOS — Goblet — Ward 4 — Plot 28

STUDIUM CAFE: Commercial and Commissioned Baking!Commercial Bakery — Are you a cafe, restaurant, or large organization requiring bigger quantities of baked goods? A'etalia's specialized kitchen is built for your needs! Includes retainer delivery.Commissions — Birthday party? Holiday? A'etalia's got you covered!Special Goods — There are rumors that the commissions are for more than just birthday parties, with infusions available to those who need so. "Edibles" are quite common, but some other purposes are likely possible, if you ask...Layout — There's plenty of room for seating outside and inside. The benches inside resemble something more like an academic library than a cafe, but it does seem inviting for those who wish to come in large groups. Walls and walls of book lines one side, and some - which seem to be focused on odd humans of history and bodily aether research - are strewn on the floor.Inside are also pastries and drinks. A small jar is placed on the bar, labeled, "Leave what you can!" But if you try the pastries, they seem almost too good to not be selling.Downstairs is the kitchen, which is set up for large-scale operations, the core of her operations. There's also a residence and office, where Talia and her partner live.

A'etalia, with the help of her former tribemate, A'myshtea, has acquired this estate so she can be close to the Thaumaturges' Guild. The two miqo'te share this residence for the time being.Talia specializes in large deliveries for cafes and restaurants, as well as catering. Want an excuse to have her bake for you? Ask!

((Feel free to use this as a meeting point or venue, if you wish to, for roleplaying! Or if you wish to have Talia ICly deliver goods, also ask!))

out of character

things to know!

General RP guidelines:
• Walk-up RP approaches welcome
• Not here primarily for ERP - Talia will get frisky if the mood's right, but I don't put her out as an "ERP toon."
• No partnered romance (she's taken anyroad)
• 21+ preferred
• If I'm barding with the RP tag on, feel free to interact! Friends and more urgent roleplay scenarios will take priority, but do note I can't always type while playing, so I may wrap up the song first.
I especially enjoy:
• Mirror roleplaying. Will do paragraph roleplays as well as rapid-fire dialogue scenes so long as each matches the tone of the situation.
• Long-term, mutual character development, or at least playing well into characters' "natural" dynamics.
• Slice-of-life weaved into longer-term situations.
• Intense, longer plots & campaigns.
• Mature/dark/edgy themes. Talia's themes include drugs, bloodletting, violence, and more.
Big nos:
• Being cruel about your politics of respect. This includes transphobia, racism, and pedophilia. Respect others, and don't be weird about it.
• Edgier/mature scenes with players under 18.
I am:
• Late-20s femme-ish genderfluid IRL, been text roleplaying for upwards of 16 years.
• On my main! When I'm on A'etalia, I may not necessarily be roleplaying. However, feel free to ask! A roleplay tag does mean I'm down, but /tell if you're unsure!
If you want stuff with a less offputtingly-energetic character, check out her fellow ex-villager. (Canonically, the two know each other. but I obviously can't have them in one place in-game...)new twitter for ffxiv stuff!