A'etalia Rhel

mi'qote mage on an adventure

at present -- talia is back in her element.

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An energy of potential buzzes around A'etalia.

Name: A'etalia Rhel

Age: 25
Race: Seeker Miqo'te
Gender: Cis Woman (She/her/hers)
Romance/Sexuality: Pan (open relationship)
Alignment: Neutral (Evil?)

Canon Jobs: Thaumaturge, Culinarian, Bard
Black Mage, Blood Mage, aspiring Necromancer + more?

Appearance: Wears patch over (missing) left eye. Black hair that seems both singed and dying, as if drained of life, on the edges. One pink-irised eye that deepens into purple in the sunlight. Slender; it's clear her strength/physicality isn't her focus.
Her left eye socket has a focus for Black Magic.

Visible inventory: Her items rotate by day, but often she's seen with a little cloth sling of pastries attached to her hip. Her staff is never far away, usually slung onto her back.

Quirks: Quick learner, jack of many trades, sweet, bubbly, good listener.Loves helping others learn.

Possible turn-offs: Arrogant to a fault. Her high energy may come off as too much. Bit of a talker if you get her going. Catty and in-your-face.

Skills/Abilities: High-level aethersense, advanced thaumaturgy and black magic, rudimentary conjury (cuts, bruises, etc).

Aether: If you have aethersense, her aetherpool is pretty deep. It leans a bit fiery/red and a bit umbral.

The Lesser Panda: Its name is Liri and, yes, it's in-character.

little more

A'etalia is a thaumaturge looking to make an impact on her own terms. She's fiercely loyal, cheery, and vocal.

This Miqo'te loves learning about everything; it's what brought her trekking out of her village. The more she knows, the more she can manage, the more of her loved ones she can save. She's a jack of all trades, or at tries to be.

"Talia" does want to become a master of at least one art: Black Magic. She knows she can't use it except in very strict circumstances, so she doesn't parade this around. However, over the few years since the tomes were made available, she has carefully learned how to manage it.

Recent events have solidified this desire. While she lost an eye to a dangerous foe, without hesitation, she used this as motivation to seek out a more permanent solution for a black magic focus. Which is to say, she pretty much stuck a whole one in her eye. She will enthusiastically show this off when asked.

And with a desire to protect her friends, she's thrown herself deeper into how to intensify her black magic -- as well as into the art of blood magic, and possibly worse.


Normally, it was unfitting for a young Seeker in this tribe to find herself buried in spell books. But A’etalia knew this time spent alone foreshadowed what greatness she could achieve, like the soft yellow on the dawn’s horizon. Much like the flowers softly bathed in their needs through sunlight, the young and studious Miqo’te argued to her peers and elders that, she, too, would slowly grow one day to rise up and stand tall in all matters. And after all, they were stored away in the back of an honored elder’s belongings for a reason, no?

For families in the far east reaches of Gyr Abania, battle magic seemed not necessarily like overkill, per se, because a hunt finished was what it was. More practically, it was out-of-touch and extravagant to a fault. While she only rarely fell behind her peers, it was that little that cost her. She’d earn stitches tumbling from a tree after concentrating too hard, then lose a target. A beast would approach her from behind as she chanted towards another.

These setbacks were only molehills to her. But elders could harden those into mountains with a sharp word or few. In the valleys that they formed, A’etalia dwelled, hard-pressed to find a light that might guide her up and over these difficulties. Nevertheless, she pressed on in her studies of magic and aether.

Meanwhile, old normal slipped away, and a new one inched closer. In these ages, whispers grew into fireside stories. The old normal was once isolation, then negotiation, and recently peace. But word of agitated pushes and pulls of power, from Garleans and Gyr Abanians and even over the waters to the East, soon made their way to the campfires. Eventually But then strange men clad in metal passed. They interrogated. Their voices carried the harshness of those who only expressed in yells. And while assurances were made for peace, quiet uneasiness is a type of peace, too.

And then a body was found. As were many more of those like them, and the wildlife around them.

For a while, peace was viable. Soon, though, even others in the tribe besides A’etalia soon began to worry for those who chose against loyalty to these strange men. For this tribe began to fear, what would come from blind loyalty, the loss of freedom, the surrendering of tradition? The stories of barren lands, crumbled stone, crimson trails, and ashen legacies felt more real. And more importantly: What was left behind? Her peers' conscription into the Garlean armies brought consolation, then anxiety. Even the little joys that made life go on were in danger to not only her tribe, but to those beyond these familiar hills. A’etalia grew angry thinking about it.

So off the magic-wielding Miqo’te went. Into unknown territory she bounded. She struggled through occupied territory until she found a way to slip past the imperial borders into Eorzea.

Much like she once desired and heard tales of, she became the epitome of a typical adventurer, as she wanted to always lift the uneasiness that threatened peace. A saved crop, a found trinket, a wall restored — these would restore life. Little by little. Fame meant nothing, nor did major accomplishments. Only the little joys of the world, saved by ice, thunder, and flame.

And as she pursued her humble work, A’etalia knew and valued that the fires she casted, too, are small suns, massive and destructive, but always a light in the chaos. And this is how she blossomed, as she promised her suspicious elders and peers ages ago. This magic, once her village’s point of contention, would be her guiding tool, the blaze above her dawn.

Finally, instead of hiding in shadows casted in the valleys, she hoped to bring sunlight atop the highest peaks.


what does destiny have in store?

[For mages/etc.]
If you've been studying at the Arrzaneth Ossuary, chances are you've seen A'etalia buried in a pile of books. Sometimes even falling asleep! And increasingly, you've been seeing her tap into the recently-permitted shelves of Black Magic tomes. The Guild hasn't been given cause for suspicion about her, yet there's a twinkle in her eye when she finds herself in that rabbit hole... (Ah, and not to mention the rumors of her missing eye.)

Talia draws eyes at the Ossuary nowadays. "Hey, wasn't she possessed at one point?"

Love to spar? So does A'etalia. But it sounds like she won't take you up for a match unless she thinks you're tough enough to take her spells. It's not merely out of arrogance if you ask; there's more than a touch of concern for her potential opponents.

[OOC: I roleplay fights at a high power level, and Talia will turn characters down in-character if she deems them unprepared for such. Inquire within!]

A'etalia works two jobs: at the Ossuary, for the resources, and also as a baker! She carries around about six (6) little free pastries a day, usually biscuits. Need catering? Ask! She specializes in large orders, especially for cafes and restaurants!

A'etalia is learning how to tell stories through the art of barding. While she can't move crowds like a proper bard can, she's an enthusiastic player, and she's always eager to hear praise (and suggestions).

If she's not wearing gloves, her hands and arms are now frequently bandaged. Not normal for a black mage to be hurting her hands, right?
There's a rumor that these are cuts inflicted in the use of blood magic. Some have heard her mention hemomancy and drinking others' blood...?
((OOC: This goes into her blood magic storyline, which has themes with lorebending, implied self-harm, blood, and... all that "fun" stuff.))

A Garlean refugee was last seen in Pearl Lane. From the papers, it seemed to be a fast death, a quick hole through the head. Yet nobody can pin what was actually used, and the body is especially drained of blood through certain intentional wounds, which were then scrubbed clean. Little blood was found at the site, nor... anywhere. The murder itself is unusual by all means. But most notably, the local Garleans who keep an eye out for their own... they're livid. Information at all costs, they say. It's more than a murder, they say. They've lost something invaluable, they say. And they say, they insist, it's dangerous in the wrong hands.

Rumors among informants and Pearl Lane dwellers have it that a particularly blunt and loud Viera interrogated asked A'etalia very loudly in the lane about the murder of a refugee. The Miqo'te mage denied it vehemently, and the two supposedly went out to a fight. She was seen a few bells later intact and chipper as always. It's not known what that actually means. Since, she has clarified that she had killed a void changeling...

((If you're still here and trying to think of a hook, just get creative and go for it! I'm sure we're both flexible and smart enough to roll with it~))

Studium Cafe

come by and study!

DIABOLOS — Goblet — Ward 4 — Plot 28

Out in the Goblet, a new little cafe has popped up. The sign outside reads:

STUDIUM CAFE - Mages, academics, thaumaturges! Study, snack, and share discoveries!

There's plenty of room for seating outside and inside. The benches inside resemble something more like an academic library than a cafe, but it does seem inviting for those who wish to come in large groups. Walls and walls of book lines one side, and some - which seem to be focused on odd humans of history and bodily aether research - are strewn on the floor.

Inside are also pastries and drinks. A small jar is placed on the bar, labeled, "Leave what you can!" But if you try the pastries, they seem almost too good to not be selling.

Downstairs is merely private work and residential space, it seems.

A'etalia, with the help of her former tribemate, A'myshtea, has acquired this estate so she can be close to the Thaumaturges' Guild. The two miqo'te share this residence for the time being.

Talia specializes in large deliveries for cafes and restaurants, as well as catering. Want an excuse to have her bake for you? Ask!

((Feel free to use this as a meeting point or venue, if you wish to, for roleplaying! I hope to hold mage- or academic-themed events down the line, especially given the giant promenade outside. If you want to use this venue for a private event, let me know!))

out of character

General RP guidelines:
• Walk-up/tell RP approaches welcome
• No scenarios with ERP as a goal. That means I'll do ERP with some people as part of wider RPing, but if you came here specifically looking for this line, that's absolutely not you.
• No partnered romance (she's taken anyroad)
• 21+ preferred
• If I'm barding with the RP tag on, feel free to interact! Friends and more urgent roleplay scenarios will take priority, but do note I cannot type while playing, so I may wrap up the song first.

I especially enjoy:
• Long-term relations of most types; mutual character development, or at least playing well into characters' "natural" dynamics.
• Slice-of-life weaved into longer-term situations.
• Intense, longer plots.
• Mature/dark/edgy themes. Do ask me first, I'm down for a lot.
• No, like, really, A'etalia gives off a cheery vibe, but I love edgy characters, themes, and plots. Even going into extremes. Chat if interested.
• Mirror roleplaying. Will do paragraph roleplays as well as rapid-fire dialogue scenes so long as each matches the tone of the situation.

Big nos:
• Skirting around hooks to metagame. Send a /tell if you aren't sure, I'd LOVE to work with you on hooks, or just make conversation in-character.
• Being openly cruel about your politics of respect. This includes transphobia, racism, and pedophilia. Respect others, and don't be weird, or else catch some hands.
• Edgier/mature scenes with players under 18.
• In-character interactions bleeding out-of-character, and vice-versa.
• Shaming others for lore-bending/lore-breaking if it isn't affecting you.

I am:
• Mid-20s woman IRL, been text roleplaying for upwards of 15 years.
• A mostly responsive-type roleplayer. I'm awful at writing plots but will give yours the amount of effort you put into it.
• On my main! When I'm on A'etalia, I may not necessarily be roleplaying. However, feel free to ask! A roleplay tag does mean I'm down, but /tell if you're unsure!

If you want stuff with a less offputtingly-energetic character, check out her fellow ex-villager. (Canonically, the two know each other. but I obviously can't have them in one place in-game...)

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